Golf Course Design

Our success in creating premier, award winning golf courses can be attributed to our hands on approach from concept to completion. It begins with understanding our clients goals and objectives. Spending time on the project site is critical to understanding the land and learning the assets and liabilities the property offers.

Our distinctive approach to design includes our 21 point tactical shot examination which results in a comprehensive test for all players relative to their ability. This is further illustrated through the creation of shot by shot perspective sketches portraying our vision for each hole. This method, along with frequent visits to the project site, clearly communicates the design intent to the contractor minimizing time spent refining the work.

Golf Course Renovation

As golf courses grow older the drainage, green infrastructure and irrigation no longer function as originally intended. Trees overgrow the playing corridors altering the original design strategy. Putting surfaces change size and shape. Even the bunkers will change shape and size due to long term maintenance.

When the time comes to renovate the course infrastructure, an excellent opportunity is provided to modernize the tactical requirements and restore or enhance the visual presentation. Learning the demographics of those who regularly play the course allows the design modifications to be more tailored whether a private, public or resort style golf course.

Our creativity, attention to detail and methodology has proven to exceed expectations and has resulted in several award winning renovations.


Landscape Design

Our landscape architecture credentials have allowed us design opportunities on golf courses, clubhouses, community entry features, streetscapes, recreational spaces, private residences and commercial properties. Understanding our client’s goals and objectives is critical to success.  Specializing in spatial composition and creative design ideas are the hallmark of all of Smelek Design’s landscapes with a strong focus on the use of varying color, textures and materials.

Our utilization of 3D design renderings provides our clients the ability to easily envision our design concepts. Our policy of frequent onsite presence during design implementation ensures our clients the best possible final product.

Master Planning

The underlying justification of most modern golf courses is to enhance the value of real estate or to provide a resort amenity. Consequently, we’ve cultivated our ability to identify the attributes of the land and strike the right balance and relationship amongst the key design elements. This includes taking advantage of the natural views for both the future residents as well as the golf course. When the natural vistas do not exist, the golf course features must be positioned to create the visual theater desired by the home buyer.

Sensitivity to the topography and watershed corridors during the planning process minimizes both construction cost and visual impact to the site. With every master plan our goal is to combine the most efficient development with an environmentally responsible and aesthetically beautiful design.